Gems Cheats to Get Rare Creatures in Card King Dragon Wars iPhone

Playing in Card King: Dragon Wars will rely on a great deck consisting of rare creatures that will bridge you to win each match both in the Arena and the single player campaign.

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Moreover, if you get creatures ranked in 3 stars and above, your life will be easier to get more and new rare creatures in Card King: Dragon Wars.

Throughput the game, you will get a chance to get over 300 creatures in the game
And, if you are lucky, you can get the 4 star and 5 star creatures too

This game features gems as the premium currency that you can get if you get victory in each battle
You can use these gems to get extra tries in battles, to replenish energy and whatnot
But, it will be better to use your hard earned Gems on getting new Creature Eggs.

If you can do so, you can get a 3 star creature drop and you can also get the rare creatures out there.
Meanwhile, you can also use your Dragon Fangs to access The Shallow egg category that will allow you to get rare creatures

Participating in some events will give you a chance to get 3 stars and above creatures
Moreover, you can also get some gems for free on special events
So, just log in often and check out the limited time events to win those rare creatures in this game

By logging this game regularly, you will be rewarded with Dragon Fangs, Gems and even potential rare creatures
Thus, be sure to log in daily especially for special events

Once unlocking creatures, you should evolve them to be stronger
In order to get amazing creatures is to Evolve your existing creatures.
Besides, you must also level them up to their maximum level
Next, you can then evolve them to get a better star version of that creature.
At this point, you can choose what creatures to evolve and you will know exactly what you will get.

Later on, taking part in the battles will level up the ranks
Also, you can get some good rare cards from the single player campaigns
For such reasons, just take part in the campaign to get rare cards for your deck

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