Gems Coins Cheats in Canyon Run HD iPhone

In canyon run hd game, you just send your hero into the sky with a rocket and hit the enemies to keep going up there while collecting coins the scattered runes along the way.

canyon run hd tips

On the other word, you will fly through the canyon and help the hero to survive in the danger then track the 10 lost runes in the sky to collect
In order to fly higher, you must launch the rocket at the maximum speed and tilt to adjust the hero’s position to smash the creatures flying below.
While flying above the sky, you must try to evade the rising tide in deep canyons in which it needs an excellent performance skill to win the game.

Show your excellent operation skill in both story mode and survival mode to hit the enemies on the sky and to keep going up with simple controls that is tap to attack, tilt to adjust the hero’s position

There is two kinds of transformations with awesome abilities which will get you in fantastic invincible model during the flight
Along your journey, you will be equipped with 5 set of shinning equipments and properties that will help you complete the tasks for more rewards

In addition, completing the achievement tasks will reward you with some valuable items including coins and gems that you can use to do some upgrades
Once getting money either gems or gold coins, you have to upgrade items such as weapon, armet, bomb and magic portion

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