Gems Coins Cheats Knight Storm iPhone

In knight storm game, all you will do is to get more and more coins and potions quickly, then get your blacksmith filled fully
Just follow these instructions to get what you want

knight storm tips tricks

Just go to the Date and Time settings on your iPod Touch
Make sure Wifi Toggle OFF > Settings > General > Date and Time > Set Auto Toggle OFF
Afterward simply set the time to a few hours ahead
Then Exit app a moment and Open Knight Storm game again
Now Go to Castle and you will get your stuff filled full and if you try to click it should say “Time has been disrupted, Need Internet” right
Therefore Go to Multitask by Double Click Home > Settings> Wifi Toggle on

Remember that once you toggle wifi on go to multitask immediately and open knight storm game
When doing so you have to need to be quicker so that you will be able to harvest everything like getting upgrades and taxes done fast then getting the potions, blacksmith and XP as well.

Sometime there will be warning “logging into server” when going back to castle.
For such reason you need to delete the app from Multitask to do this again.

As being chivalrous heroes, you will need collect taxes and manage strongholds relied on some mechanics to do.
These three essential mechanics of this game are town management, jousting, and dueling.

Town management will involve assigning followers to various shops in order to speed up the production of cash, experience, and potions.
Dueling is considering whether or not to equip magical glyphs that will need some stamina to deal extra damage to an enemy in the battlefield.

Jousting will also involve glyphs that is dragging mechanic to place the tip of the lance in the proper spot.
So simply put it all together to make your adventure full of action, basic sim aspects, and plenty of gear to upgrade.

Players of this game have to do their best to fill their mysterious father’s boots as they fix up the compound and roam the countryside looking for evils to vanquish.

Because of this you have to try harder to win jousts, defeat monsters, complete epic quests in order to get your victory in an age of bravery and honor then become a legend amongst other castle.

In addition during completing the quest you can explore mini-games to find treasures and avoid deadly traps in the combat zone
When delivering your attack against enemies make sure to strike them in the right moment as it will save your health and stamina potions

As a result you will have a legitimate chance to keep playing for extended periods of time in having a combat of dangerous quests without having to spend real money all the time.

Once getting back from the battle make sure to always upgrade your castle with forge mighty stylish armor and also wield powerful weapons to defend your won castle

Make sure to always save your progress after completing quest or any objectives of collecting resources
Go to the multiplayer menu that is like two crossed lances
And select the Game Center option manually
After doing so you must log in to save any progress you make during playing this game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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