Gems Coins Cheats in Majestic Sword on iPhone

When playing majestic sword game, you can get more gems or coins and other items by defeating the bosses
Meanwhile beating Mighty Bosses in ancient dungeons will drop various rare formulas used to strengthen your equipment and craft more unique magic weapons.

majestic sword tips

On the other side, those currencies that you get form each battle can be used to upgrade your weapons and armors and to have rare formula needed during the quest
Therefore, equipped with your extended abilities, you can easily cast new unique powerful ancient weapons

In the beginning of the game, you will select one of 4 powerful characters each with different identities and capacities.

And every character will equipped with unique skills, attack modes and gameplay strategies to deliver powerful melee attacks against enemies with gorgeous armor and sword

In the way of accomplishing the main goal, you will be given with some tasks to fight off the Inferno devils, who are now wrecking havoc in human’s world in that you will get accompanied by 3 friends that will stand out to protect the Emerald City.
Use your skill of a magic wielder to assist your teammates using powerful spells and wisdom

By having through some battles, you will level up and get more talent points to increase your skills.
Furthermore, you can choose your favorite methods of upgrading to write your own mythology

On the other words, your skills can only be upgraded with the talent points gained in heroes’ leveling up.
Meanwhile your weapons and gears can be crafted with a particular formula

Before going to a combat zone, you will have to organize the team in the most proper shape to maximize its repertoire.

Afterward you can employ a companion to fight together before battles, adding strength in those dangerous levels.
But remember to use attack modes and skills depend on different groups configurations and weapons.

Playing this rpg is simple as you will merely slide your finger across the empty area of the screen to move your teammates around and get them ready for whole battle between millions of enemies

So try drawing your heroes near an enemy to trigger a fight automatically.
In addition, by performing your specific moves, you can create amazing combos in which you can use those combos to attack enemies in multiple strikes automatically

In order to do this action, you simply move your character near an enemy then press the magic spells buttons.

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