How to Earn Gems Coins in Redline Rush on iPhone

Redline Rush is an arcade racer, where you will jump behind the wheel of one of 16 available sports cars and attempt to avoid many obstacles, including traffic and roadblocks, all while trying to outrun the police.
In here, you must try to get money coins cash along the track in the race

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When having the race, you will speed up your car while collecting coins and power-ups, including one of them to increase your car’s speed during the race
Moreover, by using one of those power ups, you will be invincible for a short period of time to avoid the cops chase along the track.

Once getting enough coins, you should have those power-ups which double the multiplier, magnetically gather coins, and many more actions.
With those coins, you can unlock new cars that will support the speed and drift when having a race on the highway
In addition, each of those racing cars will have the ability such as to ram other cars from the sides to earn coins as well.c

The more you race, the more score and coins you get
So you have to make a good progress in order to level up and increase the starting multiplier that will be the main goal in this game
By doing so you will be allowed to better attack the leaderboards with your high score as well.

While leveling up your car, you will be tasked to to collect a specific number of coins, use two power-ups in one race, and grab a specific color of gem

Once leveling up, your standard multiplier will be increased alongside it in which there will be 100 levels as well.
For such reasons, you can imagine the massive score you can attain with a 100x multiplier.
Moreover, you can also take the missions in each race to receive special rewards that you will need to level up your car.

Try to perform some nice actions on the road track, such as the ability to collect power-ups, and to smash up other cars that will look impressive as well
While racing in highway, you will run away from the police in that it will increase the opportunity to earn more coins.

Have a good stunt by jumping into a super sports car then test your driving skills in this high speed driving game where you have to weave through traffic to escape the police.

When having the race, you must also avoid crashes, take down traffic cars, pick up power-ups and walk to the top of the leaderboard as being the most skilled arcade racing player.

With the currencies you got along the race, you can also purchase higher priced cars and the additional two tracks and other material that are needed for your cars.

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