Gems Coins Cheats After Earth iPhone

In after earth game, gems and coins are main currencies that you can use to purchase some items needed for your run
Along the way, you will collect coins while fighting against enemies that will come in various creatures

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By fulfilling certain levels and experience point requirements, you can unlock story missions in that you will have a chance to collect coins for having run and avoid obstacles along the game.

Once having more coins, you can use them to purchase items from the in-game shop in which those items will have an advantage to heal you, to give you a defense boost, or even to revive you during having through the missions.

Moreover, by upgrading purchases, you can increase your attack power when performing a jumping and a sliding range, or increasing your health bar as well.

In the way of going to the next level, you can unlock special levels that will allow you to collect one gem a day.
In addition Gems will be the other form of currency that will give you an access of the best items before going to the next missions.

Each stage in this game will need some more upgrades that you can access via the aforementioned collectible coins, gems earned through playing, and—surprise, surprise—micro-transactions.

By having through more missions, you will increase your experience and have the ability to wall-run or steer the super-fast or super-powerful vehicle, the Skipjack
So that it will make you discover a strange desire to push forward for just one last run again and more.

In addition going to the 5 worlds or 20 stages of the main campaign will allow you to play a marathon mode for fans of seriously endless running.
During in this mode, the stages are varied and decent looking in which you will find it fairly addictive to swipe back and forth across the path, leap over incoming obstacles, and slash through enemy robots, humans, and plants while collecting coins.

Just stay aware of section where you will freefall along sheer cliff faces or zipline through dense jungles, steering your Ranger by tilting your device.

You will do much running action in the standard infinite runner
Meanwhile you will also get to fly down from cliffs, or ride down the zip-lines, or ride the hover-bike – naturally that it is still confined to the standard mechanics of an infinite runner where you are supposed to dodge, or jump over.

You simply tap on the screen to do some actions and swipe at enemies to fight against them
In each level, you will meet bosses and will have a fight with them for having more bonuses coins or gems.

Remember when doing some actions, timing is the key whereby you will work on the timing of your moves and attack then to go anywhere in this game.
Try to control the hero by tilting your phone and also by dragging your finger across the screen when your hero is on the air for having a great jump.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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