Gems Coins Cheats ScribbleMix on iPhone

In scribblemix game, you must gather up some money coins cash by guessing the right answer for the picture
Here, you must draw or guess a subject, verb, and prepositional phrase in that you will get each stage of the three bits like thing, action, and scenario as four options at a time.

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Each bit will refer something like a thing will be cowboy, ninja, princess, or an action will be punching, partying, moon walking and a scenario will be in the rain, in a forest, in a castle.
Then each bit will be connected each other to make a something to draw and guess

For example you will be given a something to be guessed “Cowboy Punching in the rain” which was chopped up into three separate guesses of “Cowboy,” “Punching,” and “Rain.”

Therefore you will have to draw the cowboy, and his arm with motion arrows, then some clouds and rainfall.
Those description will be guessed by you friends based on four options for the subject or thing, e.g. king, janitor, cowboy, and ninja.
Thus, the selections from which you must choose to both doodle out and guess seem much more creative one.

Furthermore, once making a guess, the next four options will appear, one of which being “punching.”
In this phase, the round will end with the final four options, and then the game will compare the chosen answers to the correct combination of answers.

In addition every time, you make a right guess to what your friend draw you will collect some coins as your bonus reward
You will just make a sketch referring to something out based on a clue and your friend tries to guess the answer.

Moreover you can also combine words to form multi-part word combos, instead of just picking from a list of one thing.
On the other side, the Monsters University Pack also offers up words taken from characters and elements found in the upcoming movie.

After you boot up the game, you will be rewarded with 200 free coins and 10 free gems in which you can use those coins to get new words and phrases to draw for further level.
And Gems will be useful to unlock new packs of content.

When playing this game you will link your Facebook account to the game in order to play with friends and to show your doodle you just completed to share and guess.

Each correct guess you and your friends made will lead you to advance on a world map of competitors where the most dynamic drawing duos can win best friend-scores, earn coins and gems, and unlock new color packs and content as well.

So try using your creative skills to a phrase or a sentence and send to your friends to guess what it is. If you move forward on a world map of competitors you will earn higher scores and get coins and gems to unlock next challenge.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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