How to Collect Gems Gold in Dragon Hunter Defense on iPhone

In dragon hunter defense game, you must try to get gold and gems, in that you must also protect your castle from evil dragon lord and the wave of monsters that will try making devastating attacks at your castle.

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For such reason, you must eliminate monsters and level up your hero that will earn you gold or gems as money that you will need to do some upgrades
With enough gold got from the battle, you can use them to purchase different spells, unlock new troops and upgrade your weapons and turret.

Therefore, by having this turret, you can hide yourself in the turret then assemble your troops and warriors to destroy the enemies by delivering arrows and unleashing powerful magic.
In addition, with new weapons, spells and troops, you will be able to defend your castle from the raid of incoming enemies

The evil dragon lord and his demon army will be coming to take over your castle so that you will have to protect it in any other way
Upgrading weapons, turrets and army will be a must to fight back and smash their hearts
Use the ancient crossbows, unleash most powerful magic to give a lesson for any enemy trying to get through your castle heart

There will be over 30 weapon upgrade combinations available for you to use during the battle
Equipped with those weapons, you will involve in tough fights and increase your level once you make a progress through the battle

You can also use an extensive skill tree system with various brilliant magic spells when heading to thrilling boss battles
So try harder to win every battle to earn you more gold and gems to upgrade your castle

During defending your castle, your troops will spawn in two rows, and most of the monsters do, as well. For such reasons, if the monsters in one row eat all of your forces in that column, they will attack your castle walls at one time

And the monsters will get more health every time you go to further levels whereby you have to deliver combo attack as they will withstand more arrows from you, than his brethren from the previous levels.

Remember to keep away the monsters from your base as you will be quite difficult to aim your arrows at them, when they are closer to your castle base.
Pay attention in the flying monsters, in which you have to attack them first before clearing whatever is happening on the ground.

In addition, there will be a very powerful and sturdy monster that will spawn and wreak everything at the end of the level, so you have to prepare of this circumstance when completing each level.

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