Gems Gold Cheats Iam Fashion iPhone

In iam fashion game, all you will do is to dress your character in a glamorous, sexy, cute or sporty look.
Then, you can travel through famous fashion cities while completing careers and collecting special items enroute to becoming a top model.

Iam Fashion

By doing so you can light up the world’s most glamorou 7 different cities to travel and complete careers: My Town, Los Angeles, Sydney, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Rome then become a top class fashion designer to attract the fashion world with your glamorous style.

Besides completing your goal you have to accomplish and master 42 jobs available in this game.
You can also connect to Facebook or Mob, MobCrete’s social platform, to connect to their friends while getting fashion theme updates
Meanwhile when playing this game timed event features will be provided regularly.

Try to freshen up and dress up with your personal selection of hairstyles, skin, hair and eye colors.
Go on an extravagance shopping spree and equip with the best designer wear of 7 unique fashion brands and looks: Casual, Sporty, Grunge, Minimal, Bohemian, Romantic and Glamorous.

Select among seven unique fashionable brands with over 160 costumes and 14,000 combinations among 160 items to fill your closet with.
After you are ready with the best look of your character you can challenge friends and foes in a style battle showdown in Style Duels and seize the catwalk

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