Gems Gold Cheats in Line Ninja Strikers iPhone

In line ninja strikers game, all you will do is to try completing each mission to earn gold and diamonds to have some power ups needed in this game

line ninja strikers tips

Your main goal in this game is to rescue your buddies that have been caught by enemies and to get them fused to be more powerful

So your objective is to get them back at all cost as they will take a role as your partner in the battlefield when you face a lot of enemies coming from any directions

Meanwhile you can take up to 5 buddies with you to help you accomplish missions.
By having your buddies again you can have a back up to aid you in the battle

Once getting every goal completed successfully, you are able to earn gold and gems that you can use to purchase power ups to upgrade your items
By having those power up you can go even further to complete the missions

During your journey of having your friends come back, you will encounter obstacles that will force you to overcome with any ways

Try to avoid obstacles by moving your ninja left and right
Make some combos during the battle to defeat enemies and keep going as far as you can accompanied with your buddies

In order to get the most powerful ninja, you have to summon your ninja buddies to gain even more powerful help

Your level will automatically be increased once having some progress through some battles with enemies
Furthermore you can even level up your buddies by fusing them

You can also send your line friends Game Tickets called Sushi.
On the others side you can play online with them

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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