Where to Find More Gems Hearts Coins in Kingdom Rush Frontiers iPhone

In kingdom rush frontiers game, you must try to get some stars, hearts, gold coins and gems money cash in different game modes
In Campaign mode, you can collect all three stars then you will also earn the other two stars for each stage by beating its Heroic Challenge and Iron Challenge that is one star for each mode.

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Then, you will be brought to go through 15 levels that you have to accomplish in which every level has 5 available stars for a total of 75 stars.
Killing certain enemies will earn you gems that you can use to have powerful consumable items in the gem shop.

Dropping a Fat Boy on a level will need a time to save up 999 gems.
Just activate the Gold Bag at the beginning of a map in order to get extra towers up as soon as possible.

To get every star on a stage, you can try playing it on a lower difficulty then go back to earlier levels to get any campaign and challenge stars you missed.

Meanwhile you have to level up your hero even it will be so hard and you can try a different hero to do so.
In addition, having the 5 extra hearts or 500 extra gold in the gem shop will be more than enough to change the tide of battle in your favor.

In order to get the strongest upgrades, you can experiment with different combinations and specialize in one or two categories.
By generalizing and spreading out the upgrades across all categories will also to make upgrades in that you have to be sure to always adjust your upgrades to fit your playstyle and the Campaign stage or challenge you are trying to beat.

If you find hidden Easter eggs, you will earn some valuable achievements in that some of items will perform a different animation if they are tapped many times in a row.

Make sure to avoid the sand worm in Dunes of Despair as it will eat any troops when it pops up.
And it will give you a small warning, such as the ground cracking in a circle where the worm is about to pop up or crosshairs indicating where the enemy ship is going to fire its cannons in the Bucaneer’s Den stage.
For such reasons, you must move other ground troops by changing the location of their rally point.

Having an extra archer tower or set of Tusken Raiders will help attack enemies.
On the other side, you may pay coins to initiate special attacks or hire mercenaries as they can help in a pinch and find some achievements as well.
Replaying stages and keeping your hero alive will level up your hero and increase experience and a stronger hero makes it easier to beat any level.

The archer tower delivers a small amount of damage but fires rapidly so that you have to clean out large groups of weaker enemies.
Use Barracks to train ground troops and Mages’ guilds to give the most amount of damage as they will take out big bulky enemies when their magic attacks are not affected by armor with physical resistance.

Using Artillery towers will fire slowly but having a good amount of damage and splash damage whereby it will take out concentrated groups of enemies.
Note that most artillery cannot target flying enemies so that you can hit flying enemies with the explosions when there are enemies on the ground to target.

Let your troops and your hero to be in idle as they can heal their self in this moment.
Building a new tower then use a mixture of all four tower types and to spread them out across the map.

Afterward, you can take the abilities of specialized towers into consideration when you are placing down the level 1 towers.
In simulation, Crossbow Forts can grant range bonuses to nearby towers and DWAARPs that is Artillery earthquake towers attack their entire range at the same time.
So be smart to place a DWAARP to cover two paths at one time.

In addition, you can tap twice on a wave icon to call a wave early gives in that it will give you a gold bonus depending on how early you call the wave and cools down your spells a bit.
Use heroes and towers that have instant kill effects then use these when fighting against heavily armored enemies in the combat zone.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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