How to Earn Gems Props Booster in Gold Miner Pro iPhone

In gold miner pro game, you will have to collect money cash by mining some treasure chests containing a gold nugget, gems, and mystery bag

gold miner pro guides

In this game you will have the main goals that is to mine some valuable diamonds with some booster to make the production fast

Meanwhile it will test you skills and fast thinking of how to make a good mine and to have a fast productions of such shining stones

Furthermore you will receive cash if you collect a gold nugget, rock, diamond, or mystery bag from your mine.

On the other side you will have to meet a certain cash goal before the timer runs out on every level so that you can get money by “mining” then upgrade for the booster to make a great production.

In addition you will just control your character to mine stones, gold, gems, and treasure chests from the earth to get some cash to expand your business.

Mining big nuggets will take so much times but it will give you a higher payout for your effort.
Smaller gold nuggets are quick and easy to lift up but it will need some efforts to do it.

For such reason, once getting enough cash, you can buy powerful props from the shop, including the potions boosting, the dragging speed and bombs wiping off the worthless stones.

As making a progress, you will encounter more obstacles to accomplish in each level.
So you will try so hard to grasp treasures as much as you can in limited time.
Try aiming at the target and put down the hook at the right time during the mining process.

Moreover there will be the ever precious diamonds that are worth and fairly easy to pull in too.
And when having such mining progress, you have to find the mystery bag containing a gold nugget a rock or anything that will be worth to make cash in this game

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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