Gems Cheats King`s Empire iPhone

In king`s empire game, you must try to get more resources including gems, gold, food and wood in that you will run a castle in medieval times in that you will have to complete a goal to dominate as much of the surrounding area

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To strengthen your castle you must build up your own resources and power so that your troops will always get supply of food and other commodities as well.

In order to get more resources, you can use the spy function to find players who have long abandoned their castles
In this session there will be more of them in the full worlds, rather than the newest servers and raid their castles over and over for resources.

In addition, you can get advantage of these players as they have no troops, and no defenses at their wall, yet their castle keeps on producing resources over and over again.

Once completing some quests at the beginning of the game, you have to upgrade your warehouse so that you can hold more food, wood, stone and iron, but remember not to bother upgrading your resource producing facilities.
To avoid an attack from other players, you can keep them low so that your city looks unattractive for any players.

While producing more resources, you can save your quest rewards for when you need them but do not collect them right away and attack robber camps, ashka brotherhood camps, scarlet crusader camps and villages.

Use some strategies to recruit people then load up on your alliance’s people.
Afterward you come up with a specific cultural theme to your alliance
For example Spanish speakers in the US, or fans of Breaking Bad and you can recruit people that way.

Power up each member and give to the alliance to grow it, recruit even more members, and maximize your power until you will be ready to declare war on the capital.

When playing this game online, you can get loads of people into an alliance and find all of the surrounding players when being in an area full of newbies in which you can send them mail inviting them to join the alliance.

In addition, you can have your victory of each battle by sending your alliance and attacking the closest nearby cities so that the battles will not take a long time to complete.

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