Gems Rubies Coins Cheats in Fantasy Quest Clash of Kingdoms iPhone

In fantasy quest clash of kingdoms game, you are tasked to get money coins and rubies that you can do by winning the battle with enemies
You can earn too many coins from battles or from raids then you can use those coins to build up kingdom.

fantasy quest clash of kingdoms guides

In saving more coins you have, you can build more cottages then upgrade them to at least level 3 or you can leave them in the beginning of the level while building more and more of them.
By doing so you do not need to spend your money to build your kingdoms

Your mission is to build a town, hire characters, raid villages, earn money.
And collecting such missions will also give you a chance of earning coins as a reward

Remember the other players can also steal your coins when you go to battle so protect your money by building defensive buildings.

You can also do the same as the other players do when they leave their kingdoms for fighting against the other players
As a result by having a lot of money, you can upgrade your characters and buildings as well

Once getting a lot of coins, you have to purchase finer weapons and armors and gears will to increase your characters’ combat capabilities.

When you unlock the archery range, other military buildings and unlock more troops, you must upgrade their weapons and armor before going to the battles.
After your troops have earned skill stones, you must upgrade their attacks skill which poison or set fire to the enemy.

Then you can attack enemies even with weaker weapons, as these attacks will deliver a big impact due to the residual damage that they cause.

You can use as little stamina as possible by going to various kingdoms until you find ones with partially destroyed buildings, then destroy them the rest of the way.
By doing so you can save your stamina if you need to destroy buildings for your raiding quest

Simply sit in the kingdom and let your stamina restore for awhile, until you finally destroy the buildings that you need to smash.

When playing this game early, your city will only include your castle, which is shaded in the center of a green forest.
By cutting trees you will get more lands, and you can create a real kingdom through such expansion.

However to expand your territory, you need to raid other players’ kingdoms and destroy their buildings. Therefore you will earn valor, coins, and XPs through such invasions in which valor will be needed to purchase certain items from the shop.

On the other side, you must stay online any longer to regain the necessary stamina points to raid other players kingdoms.
Remember always check your defense facilities and repair them once logging in the game.

Early in the game you will be informed that goblins have invaded the local village of Akronis.
So simply tap on the creatures to fight them and deliver damage in the form of HP.

To get your allies, you can recruit as many as 14 unique characters to be your teammates.
You can also invite your friends to be your solid team then go to the arena to engage in PvP with them.

On the other hand, try to check out new armor and weaponry, raid other villages, or travel to distant lands to fight goblins in the combat field.

During the battle you can increase your experience, level up and earn a skill stone.
Once you defeat your enemies, you will earn a reward including some coins and other items.

Note to concentrate on attacking only one enemy at a time during the quest battles.
Based on the batch of enemies you fight, kill the one with the highest speed or most frequent attacks, the most deadly attacks, or the lowest hit points first.
Then fight the other enemies as the first one with higher level has been out of the way.

As a result, you will get some nice results with minimum damage and conquer the other kingdoms in much easier while collecting money and resources as your supply

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