How to Get Gems for New Rare Cards in Dragon Puzzle iPhone

When playing dragon puzzle game, you will be able to get over 200 rare monsters card and gems or diamond in the mission

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By completing a mission, a bunch of new cards series and gems will offer you to be collected and you can move those gems anywhere on the board

Moreover you can sell those cards to earn gems or diamonds that is the main currency of this game
Meanwhile you can also evolve those cards to be the most powerful one to inflict further damage during in the battle.

Participating in a series of missions will increase your level and accrue new monster cards in which these missions are conducted through a series of Match Three battles, as you will find yourself having to inflict damage upon enemies with carefully arranged gem based combos.

There will be over 200 monsters to collect including including Dragons, Beauties, Monsters, and War Gods, whereby you can get them evolved with 120+ ways and defeating fierce enemies one after another to become The Sole Survivor.

On the other hand, you can clear every quest to collect precious 6-star monsters then gain rare evolver cards to boost your monsters and goddesses to create the strongest troop.

Those cards in this game can be used with other monsters to increase their abilities and their level Furthermore you can join together with other people and use your cards as followers.

So enhance your monsters to make them more powerful and improve your troop to expand your adventure while clearing a series of quests with an unique challenge and unique combined puzzle

In order to start the battle, you simply slide 3 or more of the same diamonds in a row to clear them.
So try to eliminate the diamonds at the same time, to get the more powerful Troop in the battle.

When going to battle against enemies, you can improve your battle skills via continuous Boss Battles then try harder to beat enemy bosses one after another to gain special rare monsters

In addition, early stages of this game are easy but the bosses will give some challenges to dealt with
During the combat, it will better to line up attacks as part of a string of combos.

Invite your friends to be your ally then help each other to conquer the strongest Enemies and rule the world.

By joining Alliance with others, you can use their monsters in battle
And you can chat with your friends in private inside group chat available in this game.

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