How to Make Boocter Bounce in Geometry Dash for iPhone

In geometry dash game, you will be served with segments of platforming and flying a jetpack around in a limited area where you have to try to progress as far in the stage as you can.
The main point is that you have to do well enough in order to move on to the next area.

geometry dash tips

Early on this game, the first half of each stage will introduce you to a square that can jump along as it moves down a path.
Your main goal here is to avoid spikes that can put an end to your run.
Otherwise, you will start over at the very beginning in regular mode and you have to memorize the part where you died to get past it.

If you come to platforms appearing consecutively, you have to hold your finger down on the touch-screen so your cube continuously jumps.
Doing so will clear these sections fine while you have to raise your finger when you see spikes.
At this point, simply land on one nicely while seeing what obstacles are ahead and reacting quickly.

During the game play, just keep an eye out for booster pads, such as sparkles that give you an extra bounce above ground, as well as springers that can launch your cube high into the air.

After going through some platforming, you will be able to dash through a portal and climb onto a rocket, then you get to fly past obstacles by holding down on the touch screen to thrust upward

Afterward, you can then release to fly back down as the beginning stage gives you an idea of how avoiding objects works, but later stages will definitely put you to the test.

In line with this, you have to try to stay somewhere in the middle of the screen at first, then move around when you start seeing walls get in your way.
So just get used to the physics in order to master this part of each stage for further play.

Playing in a Practice Mode will give you chance to return to a more immediate checkpoint after you die, instead of having to start all the way at the beginning.

When getting to this point, you will be memorizing the stage, in which the checkpoints can be suddenly placed, so if you are not aware, you could end up dying again.
For such reasons, you have to try jumping quickly after you regenerate

By doing that action, you will be able to keep going unless you see spikes above.
Then just glide underneath and continue on your little path.

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