Geoms Cheats in Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions iPhone

Activision Publishing has presented Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions featuring the adventure mode, where you have to hit certain score thresholds to get stars and to advance.

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This game will offer the five high score modes such as Classic Mode: Deadline, Retro, King, Pacifism, and Waves.
There is also the Adventure mode, where there is 50-odd levels to complete, all with star ratings.

In this game, you will see arena-based challenges where you move and fire with independent joysticks, and can deploy bombs.
Playing in some modes will give you limited amounts of time
And, others will give you limited lives
Playing in Pacifism makes you unable to shoot, instead giving you gates to go through that can detonate enemies.
You are also assigned to collect the geoms from enemies to go toward your score multiplier.

Once collecting enough geoms, you can use them to upgrade your drones and supers, separate from your bombs.
Anyway, The Adventure levels then go and provide experiences which always leave you guessing what is the next obstacles to tackle, and you need different approaches to succeed at.

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