How to Collect 8 Stars and Rare Cards in Lord Of The Dragons iPhone

In lord of the dragons game, you must get warrior cards by following these steps
Gold box keys are one of the tools in the game that you can use to find rare warrior cards.

lord of the dragon android

Just go to the Menu tab and check out the Campaigns to earn gold box keys.
And do the quests contained within the campaigns to earn Gold Box Keys, such as today, whereby for every 10 levels you got by October 10th, you will get 1 Gold Box Key at the end of the campaign, and the top 100 players get an uber rare, 7-star Quag Dragon.

Remember as more campaigns will pop up all the time like this so keep checking back at that tab.
Log in anytime to earn a reward as a bonus and to have a chance at that reward being a gold box key.

Try to log in a certain number of days in a row in order to have a chance to get a rare card
For example, 10 days or 20 days in a row in which 10 days in a row earns a six star Valak and 20 days will give you a seven star Devil Dragon.

Everytime you open the gold side of the secret box, you will fill the bonus meter at the bottom.
When it hits 100 percent, you can open box containing a super rare Mystic Warrior card that is one of three super rare cards, one is a 8-star card that is the most rare card in the entire game and the other two are 7 star cards.

Just fill the bonus meter to 100 percent on the silver secret box that is opened with tokens in order to have a chance to get a rare warrior which is the same of one gold box key.

Go to the invite friends tab in the menu then share it on Facebook and on Twitter to give you one free gold key
Try to invite friends that is Friend P, which can be spent on anything from a 4-star Phoenix to a 7-star Volo Dragon, and many rare cards among them based upon the Friend P that you spend.
Try to beat a boss or another monster in quest mode with using one Royal Seal to ensure a 100% chance that they will become one of your cards.

Try to come across 5, 6 or even 7 star cards in the quest modes then save your royal seals if you fight in order to have the chance to capture a rare card.

Try to complete an entire area with changing the appearance of the background in the quest mode and beat the boss to earn one gold box key as a reward
On top of all of the chances just earn rare warrior cards that you already got by fighting against other warriors in the quest mode.

Sending out faeries to collect treasure will get you new warriors brought by them.
Filling the faery bonus gauge up to 100 percent will give you a high shot at earning a warrior from that faery mission

Sending out the Azure Faery will lead you to unlock a secret area in order to earn more and more rare warriors.
Try to send your faeries to the most rare area in order for them to return in long time so that the will bring you a rare warrior in their return to fill the bonus gauge especially.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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