Get Extra Gold Shards Cheats Spellstone iPhone

Spellstone from Kongregate can be said as a fantasy card game which is made with beautiful hand-drawn art designs and it can be played both on ios and android phones

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Along the game, you will be able to gather up a bunch of striking cards to fight against enemy`s card and reveal the mystery of the Void in the game.

Here, you will also be assigned to build your card deck consisting of fast cards
These fast cards will extremely be useful as they can deal damage as soon as they are played on board.

When battling with enemy`s card, be sure to use high health cards in front line
Also, try to fond the right balance between playing the fast cards and slower, high damage, high health cards that will guide you to get the victory

Always remember to play very high health cards and activate them to counter the fast cards.
If your enemy plays high damage, scary slow cards, faster cards and you can beat them before they cause any damage to your cards.
Get the cards with special skills, which can deal with damage to random enemies

Using dust will be handy when you are about to improve your cards and have a pretty decent deck
When doing so, you can upgrade the fastest cards first, because those kind of cards have more health and last longer in battle, so that it will make your slower cards activate and cause damage to enemy`s cards.

After collecting some cards, you can fuse them to be stronger that before
Fusing cards will increase their stats and special powers.
Be sure to get two cards maxed in the same type when fusing them

This game will feature shards as the premium currency to get new and rare cards to be included into your card deck

In order to get more shards, all you will do is to win the battle with enemies
Besides, you can also replay the older stages that you have beaten before for farming more shards for free

With enough shards you have collected from any beaten level, you can use them to get new cards or dust for upgrading the cards that you already have so that you will get a big chance to win each battle with enemy`s card on the board

In addition, you can also get gold shards by joining a guild whereby it increases the amount of your gold earning by up to 50% here.

Always make sure to find the quests and to complete them for collecting gold shards in the game
On the other side, you can play the Bounties to rack up more gold and rank up, then take part in events to get more rewards including shards, the premium currency of this game.

Thus, the more shard you get, the more new card you can get to be your collection
Then, with a bunch of gold shards you have, you can purchase new cards that you must upgrade to be the most powerful ones

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