Food Gems Cheats on Dragonvale iPhone

Tips to get food cheaper on dragonvale game
Just try to have a dragon race track firstly.
Get food by spinning the wheel

Dragonvale Items

There will be a 33% chance to get 1500 to 5000 food and the same percent chance to get between 1 to 4 gems or 12k to 300k xp points to unlock the track at level 15
Prepare 50k for a cost to enter in a race

Guides to breed moon dragon in this game
Place sonic dragon level 10 on left side
Storm dragon level 10 on right side in breeding cave
Breed moon dragon at 6:30 to 6:42 am eastern time in which it will get 48 hour time.

Tips to get real rainbow dragon in this game
Breed an ice dragon and a blazing dragon
A blazing dragon is air and fire, and ice is water and cold.

How to get money fast in this game
Breed a plant and lightning dragon together for a cactus dragon.
It takes 30 minutes to create the egg and another 30 mins for to hatch.
It sells for 100 000 dragoncash.
Get 2 400 000 dragoncash in 24 hrs by repeating step 2.
There are probably better dragons to do this but this one gives a decent amount of money for a short period of time.

How to get gems easily in this game
Build a collosium and put the type of dragon it shows like if it says plant put a plant dragon.
There are 3 trophies.
The gold one gives you 5 gems and a lot of cash.
The silver one gives you 2 gems and still a lot of money.
The bronze one gives you cash.
Another way is to get a gemstone island and get pearl and emerald dragons then put them there.
The more dragons you put in a habitat the more gems you get in a lesser time.

How to win ALL dragon races in this game
C road- flower or poison.
S fault line-quake or crystal Marshland-mud or swamp.
E skies-sonic or firefly Y if the dragon- firefly.
U meadows-tree or flower.

How to get a Larva dragon without getting gems in this game
Try to build a Breeding Cave to breed a Earth and Fire dragon.
Just wait for having a Larva dragon after 12 hours.

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