Coins Money Cheats in Kick the Boss on iPhone

Trick to earn unlimited free coins and hearts in kick the boss game

Cheats in Kick the Boss

Tap home button twice
Tap setting on phone device
Go to general
Tap date and time
Tap setting date and time
Change one day ahead to get more coins
Then just go back to the game to earn a lot of coins and heats.
Just throw him against the wall to earn one coin
Try to kill him to earn a bunch of bonus coins
If you can kill him 20 times to get 50 diamonds.

Follow these steps to get unlimited access of a bonus everyday
Go to setting>general>date and time on phone device
Change today’s date to the day ahead Example: Today-May 16th Change-May 17th
Go back into the game
Now you will earn daily bonus within range from 600-1000 dollars
Always keep doing that action to get a lot of money bonus daily

Read these tricks to defeat boss in kick the boss game
Get four types of weapons such as office supplies, stabbing weapons, shooting or bombing weapons, or kitchen supply weapons.
Get more expensive weapons to earn more coins every time attacking the boss.

Always level up your weapon to more stars by doing following steps
Open the weapons store
Go to the lower right menu
Tap the blue up arrow
Tap a price appearing next to the weapons you own
Pay the coin price in order to get your weapon upgraded.
Now with your upgraded weapons you will earn more coins per hit.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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