Gold Cash Cheats in Monopoly Hotels iPhone

To get more cash in this game, just try to create a vibrant network through a combination of hotel rooms in various sizes to create a profit.
Win as Monopoly money and experience points to level up over time.

monopoly hotels tips

Get gold to unlock the basic premium content and content based on various characteristics such as Hasbro Mr. Potato Head or Littlest Pet Shop.
Open new hotels and win money by playing with your existing hotels for some time by bombing or real money.
Go for rooms that have high xp points vs high cash value to reach xp extra points and to go to the next level

Go to the Monopoly Hotels game screen and go to the options menu, which looks like a gear get to the delete function.
Use the delete function to delete rooms at the hotel that you no longer need.
Then replace worthless rooms from the early missions, such as horse rooms, or rooms that take up too much space, such as wheelbarrow rooms, with rooms that are space efficient and make money such as thimble rooms.

And you can also delete the room and still keep your collection if you have previously used a room to complete a collection so that this trick allows you to complete more and more collections with less hotel space.

Replace thimble and other rooms with top hat rooms by collecting from them once every six hours but they pay out massive amounts of experience points and cash and they only take up a 1 x 1 area of the hotel for making them very space efficient.
Go to cupcake stores to gain attractions experience as they pay out 4 xp every time you collect, and are ready every 15 minutes.

Tip to Activate the Electric Company
From your Mediterranean hotel, swipe your finger left to access the Electric Company.
You will now see the Electric Company building.
Tap rapidly to recharge it and earn some money by doing so.
To keep your guests happy, you should come back to the Electric Company every once in a while to recharge it.

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