Gold Money Cheats in Dead Trigger iPhone

Tips to survive and accomplish mission in dead trigger ios android
Purchase the new weapon slot as soon as you have two weapons.

Dead Trigger Cheats

Unlock all those guns including the Colt M4, Project 90 or P90 to most gamers, AKA the N64 GoldenEye gun, the Striker, UZI and even a mini-gun as quickly as possible

Carry loads more ammo into the battle.
Look for shiny attache cases around the level then walk up to them to get spring open so it will give you loads of cash.

Always follow the red dots on the radar to stop zombies from creeping up behind you.
It is also to locate objects and bring them to a certain point, both of which show up on the top right corner of the screen.

Always opening doors when being in Arena then focus on icons on the walls to help you out
Go to date and time on your phone change it 1 day ahead go back in to the game again to receive casino chips 3 and repeat the process to get double or triple casino

Afford the best weapons and gear and don not be afraid to spend a little green.
Move up in rank to gain access to unlock all 14 weapons.
Always check your rear
Always shoot them at Headshots

Upgrade items and character to save your life
Stock up on bandages, zombie bait, frag grenades and gun turrets on the item side, and definitely look into equipping additional weapon slots while also improving your radar and ammo supply.
Always wait for those zombie to get close and use Explosive Barrels to blow them up.

Always check M4 ammo counter to see how many bullets you have left, and pick up dropped ammunition whenever possible.

Always equip free grenades, mechanical cutters and other useful things before heading into the danger zone.

Run into the staircase on the left and enter the Bloody Subway then come near and reach the caged room to unlock it by selecting “Buy” in order to get the safe room
Stand by the caged door as preparation while waiting for them

Prioritize in the closest zombies then shoot the running zombies in one or both legs
Keep blocking the entrance with crawling zombies in each batch.
Search and find the ammo at the caged entrance across your new-found safe haven at the second floor.

Some tips to defeat the boss in this game
Find his soft spot like his neck, his stomach and his feet to kill zombie boss at the level 5, 10 and 15
Use a shotgun when running outside of the safe zone.
Just shoot at zombies closest to you and avoid the the rest until you get back to the caged room.

Only use your bandages or medkits during emergencies then use your Revive Kits sparingly.
Always shoot the fastest and closest zombies to you first.
Then shoot the close but slow zombies.

Shoot in the head with Carnages.
Use long-range weapons for dismembering and killing zombies from a far.

Use any automatic weapon on the boss.
Use a shotgun for the SWAT zombie and for killing crawling zombies on your entrance.
Only use the Head-Flator or Damage Booster during boss levels.

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