Gold Card Bucks Cheats in Big Win Football iPhone

If you want to earn free more bucks in big win football game, just read these following statements
Just place at a certain rank in the daily bowl games to get free big bucks.

big win football hints

Make sure to get some extra more powerful player cards and upgrades before playing in the big bowl games because you have to place 1st through 3rd in order to win big bucks.

Find “Free bucks” at the bottom button of the main menu or “Get free coins” at the upper right corner of the screen.
Just tap either “Free bucks” button or “Get free coins” button in order to get free bucks by completing a myriad of free offers.

Try to complete the offer that asks you to download and register for Tapjoy, so another complete offer will be credited, then open up an entirely new batch of offers that is every single one of them is free and most them ask you to download an app in order to earn those free big bucks.

Try to see at lower on the “get free coins” menu to find free big buck offers in 5 apiece for liking this game on Facebook and for tweeting about the game on Twitter.
Combine those offers to earn you 1 gold card pack then use these for some quick big bucks.

Use those bowl victories to earn bucks
Use those bucks to buy gold decks once you earn enough for them.
Use the players from those gold decks to power up your team so that you will stay at the first place in the bowl games.

To earn free coins in this game, just follow these tricks
Just watch videos over and over for free coins.

During watching that video when you are on the main menu screen with the options listed, tap on the “Get free coins” button next to the coins counter to go to a menu that shows you how to get free coins.
Tap on the video option and you can watch as many videos as you want, for 150 coins apiece.

Try to sell all of the cards that is unnecessary to collect.
These old cards will give you hundreds more coins if you sell to another player.

If you want to buy a whole bunch of silver packs or the gold cards try to trade one single big buck for a whopping 300 coins.
Try to win at the Big Bowl or Daily games or level up to get more coins and earn extra big coin bonuses as a reward.

In order to win the match every time you must have cards first.
Try to play some quick games to win coins, or watch videos to earn free coins.
Ignore the bronze decks, save up, and buy silver decks to rapidly increase your team’s score.
Add the silver players to your active roster to win even more games, and get coins for another silver deck so that you will have a powerful enough team to start taking on the Daily Big Bowls.
Do not use any extra bonus cards, so that you have a low shot at winning.

To get your energy refilled fast, just follow these steps
Go to your phone date and time settings
Just set the time ahead for two hours or some
Get back to the game and run your energy out by playing games again.
Keep doing so in order to have more energy to play every match
That method is also useful to load up on bowl games in a short period of time.

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