Where to Get Items to Complete Quest in Smurf Life iPhone

In smurf life game, you will play as Papa Smurf who has to fight against Gargamel with cast a stormy spell that threatens to veil the Smurfs village in darkness forever.

Smurf Life Cheats

So join smurf life to bring sunshine and happiness back to the Smurfs Village residents
In the start of the game you simply create and customize your name first
You also have to explore and master new skills to gather resources then to construct tools to counter the spell and push back the impending storm clouds.

Just customize your clothing and accessories when navigating the streets of the Smurfs Village to rescue trapped Smurfs and to overcome obstacles.
You also have to complete quests and learn trades such as Alchemy and Construction as well.

In order to accomplish the quest in this game you have to collect materials, build tools, and repair Smurf huts
After doing all your jobs in smurf life you can have a time to celebrate the return of stranded Smurfs with a Smurftastic party

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