How to Collect Melons on Angry Birds Rio iPhone

Where is hidden Melons location
5-2: To get the melon send a bird off to the far right side of the level past the last umbrella and blow up the TNT.
Important, the TNT is not visible on all devices, but if you hit it you will likely see the explosion.
Once you do hit it the explosion will cause a labelled crate to swing down on a chain.
Break the chain or the crate to find the melon.

Angry Birds Rio guides

5-5: Blow up the TNT right in front of the slingshot.
The melon will end up bouncing around the level and break on its own.

5-11: Destroy the labelled box, dead center.
5-13: Its in the tree, wrapped in something dark green, with a small label on it.
The real melon will end up flying across the level and break on its own.

5-14: Way up in the air is the labelled box.
Fling the White Bird as high as possible and drop the bomb right near the top. Tough to aim, but doable.

5-15: The bottom-right square of sand is labelled.
Use bombs to clear the way.

6-2: The tuft of grass below the slingshot is labelled.
Break that, then the melon will bounce up and down on the inner tube.

6-3: There is a labelled cardboard box in the bottom right of the level.
Knock over the stones to hit the TNT box.

6-4: Labelled box in the bottom right.
Take out the front of the level with Blu & Jewel.
Then use the Black Bird to take out most of the back of the level.
If it is necessary, use the White Bird to bomb the box.

6-5: The 2nd tuft of grass is labelled.
The melon appears, WELL protected, in the trough opposite the beach balls.
Thus, with your first shot, take out the suspended sand in front.
This will clear a lot of structure while making the melon appear.
From there, just try to plow you way through.

6-6: Labelled box just to the right of the central valley.
6-7: In the top-left of the structure, in the tuft of grass.

6-9: There is a labelled box immediately under the slingshot.
Fire Blue and Jewel to come up just short of the first umbrella, tap to send them across, and they should go straight back.

6-12: Look for the labeled box in the latter third of the string of umbrellas.
However, with the Yellow Bird, a high arching shot will suffice.
6-14: Labeled box in the far bottom right of the level.

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