How to Get Monster Cards Troops in Kingdom Conquest II on iOS

In kingdom conquest 2 game, you can use your crystal to get more monster card pack then go for your fighting force by either spending Crystals, CP or using Tickets on Monster Packs.

Kingdom Conquest II

Collecting a series of monster cards when exploring dungeons will give opportunity of recruiting soldiers for the battle you will encounter later on.
Every card you have will give you the ability to produce the type of creature depicted on it including the rare cards than others.

Afterward you have to organize them into battle-ready units while tweaking formations and selecting a commander to lead them.
The fights will automatically play out based on your units’ stats and if they die, you will still keep the card itself.

Firstly you have to eliminate all of the enemy units, and using a high speed Monster will give a huge advantage in the battle.
Secondly the range between your Monsters and an enemy is taken into account, so that you have to make sure you have got the stats to back up the battle positioning.

Try to collect as many troops as you can because the size and strength of your troops is important and based upon between you and your rival kingdoms.
On another way you can spend real money to buy more CP, a type of in-game currency, to purchase cards.
The ability to synthesize cards into stronger forms with enhanced skills will be the key of having a great success in the battle.

By doing this process you will take one “base” Monster and feed another to it in order to make the base Monster more powerful.
Learn three different sorts of Synthesis in this game.
Enhance Skill will increase the level of the base Monster
Acquired Skill will teach a skill to the base Monster
Awake Synthesis will involve feeding identical Monsters together.
So maximize your Awake Points and the Monster to become greatly enhanced.

In this point you need to kill every enemy on a floor, then proceed to the next floor.
Make sure to grab all the treasure chests and health top-ups before you move on.

Note that every dungeon has its own specific set of cards to randomly draw from.
The number of tickets you receive at the end will be based upon the difficulty level you play on each level

Easy will earn you two tickets
Normal gives four tickets
Hard gives you six tickets.
The tougher difficulties will also give you a better chance of collecting the most rare cards.

Selecting the dungeon will rely on the difficulty level you have selected then you may also need to defeat a mighty boss to complete the dungeon, so always be prepared for battle in this game

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