Arcbucks Cheats in ARC Squadron iPhone

In arc squadron game, you take a role as an elite pilot serving in the ARC Squadron and you have to take on the Guardians in head-to-head combat and bring down their empire.

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With your best ship as your mate and with simple one-touch controls you can shoot, blast, and annihilate enemy forces in the ultimate battle for the galaxy in order to hunt down each of the nine boss of Guardian lords and destroy them once and for all.

Throughout the game’s 64 missions and fifteen challenge levels, you will square off against punishing bosses, slip between giant asteroids and soar through obstacle courses to prevent the universe from falling under the tyrannical rule of the Guardians.

You can travel more than twenty unique environments while flying your ship including six upgradeable ships, with unlockable ship skins equipped with ten upgradeable weapons.
So prepare your self against battle with the boss based upon these following tips and tricks

Use barrel roll to avoid laser fire and missile attacks.
Try to swipe to barrel roll more often than not steers your ship out of harm’s way.

Just try to use secondary attacks to give more punch on your enemies
Do secondary attack to deliver a much-bigger punch than standard fire.
Just line up the intended target and press the icon on the top right corner of the screen, the one in between the health and pause icons so that you can do that action during getting battle with your opponents.

Just replay missions to get more arcbucks
Get more Arcbucks as the game currency by destroying bad guys and collecting cubes appearing on-screen.
Always keep replaying previously beaten missions and watch your bank account soar to get a lot of more arcbucks.

Just visit the Hangar then spend Arcbucks to upgrade that spacecraft and to purchase a new one and also pick up more powerful weapons including homing missiles, lasers, burst missiles, smart bombs and chain lightning, among others.

Try to complete a specific task, such as gathering all cubes or shooting targets without missing a single one, or navigating through a tricky environment.
By doing those tasks it will be a great way to add more Arcbucks to your bank account as well.

Just pick up a green canister floating through space to refill your ship’s health and continue blasting Guardians.

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