How to Gather Interaction Points in Jewel Dragon on iPhone

Tips to win card battel in jewel dragon game
This game fuses elements of a card battle game with a match three puzzle game in order to build the best elements.

Jewel Dragon on iPhone

So follow these steps to complete mission in jewel dragon game
Do not move a piece one space only.
Move a piece anywhere you want on the board to make a combo anywhere you want.

Try to touch a new space to displace the piece in there, allowing you to move the entire board around using just one piece.
Make a ton of combos each time that you make a move to multiply the damage and for the healing that you receive with each combo of hearts.

Try to match 6 pieces in a row, left to right, to do a far more powerful version of an attack all attack.
Load up on regular cards to make the leader of your most powerful card

Always enhance your leader card to sky high levels.
Level up your leader card to at least level 15.

Get more interaction points if someone else uses your leader card in battle.
Try to take note of type of the rare card you get during the initial gold summon in order to make a huge amount of damage with a specific element.

Add two other cards of the same type.
Always take note of the type of card you got at the beginning of the game whether semi rare or 2 star card.
Add two other cards of the same type as your beginning card.

Always concentrate on matching at least three jewels of these two types while going to battle as you will make a ton of damage because of using so many of these types of cards in your deck.

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