How to Get Papaya on Angry Birds Rio iPhone

Tips to Get Hidden Papaya
7-2: Below the slingshot there is an glass arrow with a label on it that is pointing at the crate to the right.
Smash that crate

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7-6: The labelled crate is at the far bottom-right of the level.
Plow a path left-to-right and finish off with the White Bird bombing the cardboard boxes.

7-7: Zoom out and way up in the sky on the far right you will see the papaya hanging from three balloons.
Fling a yellow bird up there to hit it!

7-8: The labelled crate is at the far bottom-right of the level.
Use the first red bird to knock over and destroy the majority of the stone and wood that is sitting on top of the crate.
Then, using a similar trajectory, smash the remaining crates.

7-10: There is a labelled beach ball sitting on the far right side of the level.
You can pop it with the stones perched above it or roll another beach ball of so it falls on top.
Even another option is to clear a path and bomb it with the White Bird.

7-14: Zoom out and you will see a labelled crate on the far bottom-right side of the level.
Use Blue and the White Birds to clear out the top part of the level then fire the Yellow Bird at a very high arc.
The angle is difficult to get right, but keep at it and enjoy your spoils!

7-15: The labeled crate is at the far bottom-right of the level.
You can get this one many ways, but first you need to clear a path.
Once that is done you can use the white or yellow bird to smash the crate

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