How to Get Pineapple on Angry Birds Rio iPhone

In Smugglers’ Den, the Pineapple Awards can be found in any crate or box with a sticker on it e.g. “express delivery” , or out in the open.

Angry Birds Rio guides

1-2: The pineapple is behind the catapult on the ground, so all you have to do is fling a red bird backwards.
1-6: To get the pineapple smash the labelled crate under the far right pyramid of ice blocks.

1-7: The crate with the pineapple is hard to see in this video.
It is in the labelled crate on the very far right under a big stack of normal crates.
You are going to have to break through all those crates to smash the one with the pineapple in it.

1-8: The crate with the pineapple is hard to see in this video.
Its at the top of the big pile of crates.
To actually hit the crate takes a near perfect shot from the right able.

1-12: Look closely at the top right hand side of your screen and you will notice a gold pineapple between two normal pineapples.
Just arch a yellow bird up there to retrieve it for you collection.

1-13: Smash the labelled crate that is to the far right of the screen on the bottom.
This one may take a few tries.

2-1: Those sneaky guys put the pineapple on the lamp behind the slingshot.
Just fire a red bird up to knock it off its lofty perch.

2-2: Arch the blue birds high to smash the labelled crate on the far right to unlock the pineapple you may have to hit it a few times.
2-4: First zoom out so you can see the labelled crate on the top right ledge.
Now fling a yellow bird up and when hes higher than the first set of crates tap him so he flies over and breaks the crate.

2-6: In this level the sweet fruit is literally right above you.
Just zoom out and you will see the pineapple hanging there.
Has it been taunting you this whole time? Indeed.
Now seek revenge by hurling a red bird up there ever so slyly.

2-7: The labelled crate towards the top right of the stack is what you are after.
First you will need to take down some of the structure that is in the way.
Once you have done that you just need to lock on it with a yellow bird.

2-8: This one is pretty easy.
Just smash the labelled crate that is on the far right hand side towards the top of the stack.

2-10: Zoom out and you will see the pineapple high above sitting on a chain swing.
Just aim a yellow bird, lock on, and then fire away to nab the 13th pineapple.

2-12: Zoom out and you will see the gold pineapple on the far right of the screen. Yikes!
To get this one you have to roll a bird slowly off the side so it lands on it.

2-15: The pineapple on this level is in the labelled just behind the catapult.
You just have to bounce enough birds on it until it breaks.

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