How To Get Rare Dinosaurs in Dino Life iPhone

In dino life game, you must try to bring more cavemen into your village
The, you can start to breed and purchase dinos to replenish your old stash of dinosaurs and animals

Dino Life Cheats

Try to trade common dinosaurs for rare dinosaurs at the cave alien’s shop.
In order to find new quests just go to the quest tab, hit the back button in the upper left corner to lead you to the quest book.

Look and check in the quest book for any new unlocked quests.
If your current batch of quests is finished, then you will unlock a whole new quest book that you can use to earn rewards and figure out what to build next.

Simply add more and more dinosaurs to your village to get your token income is high.
And make sure that you will always earn tokens to have a chance of getting 15 or 20 dinosaurs so that your income will be high enough if they repeat in your village.

If you play the game once or twice daily then buy the dinosaurs it will take you longer to earn you more coins including the sloth
If you play the game multiple times per hour, then buy other dinosaurs such as the triceratops you will have a chance to collect much more coins frequently.

Just clear out the fast-finishing rocks and grass including the smallest, lightest rocks and grass to get more wood and rocks more quickly for upgrading your quests

Try to clear out the thick, heavy, dense rocks and trees when putting the game down for awhile in order to have a time to finish before you get back.
Just collect and get over 60 adorable dinosaurs.

Try to discover the rare dinosaurs through chance breeding
Decorate and expand your village then complete tribal quests with stone age style

Invent completely new species by crossbreeding the dino
Get spice things up with cavemen friends and love their village

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