How to Get More Resources in R Tech Commander Colony iPhone

When playing r tech commander colony game, you will be tasked to get aluminum resources
Here, just build more Al Works, and upgrade your existing ones in order to get more Aluminum.

R Tech Commander Colony Cheats

After upgrading your Al Works buildings then tap them to increase your manning to 100% as it will not automatically increase every time that you upgrade it.

He-3 is an energy resource that is produced by the energy plant, and crystal mines produce crystals.
Energy is used to travel back and forth in between planets
Crystal is used in the construction of both ships and buildings.

Always upgrade your crystal mines and energy plants to get more Crystals and He-3.
Upgrade each of these resource-creation buildings and increase the maximum that they can hold before they stop collecting their select resources.

Try to always win a battle against someone else ships to earn every one of these resources as an award.
Then go to the map area and go to one of the multiple resource planets to do so.
The aluminum planet is grey with rings
The crystal planet is covered in blue crystals
The gas planet is perfectly round and a light slate blue.

Attack them, destroy the ships who are guarding them to earn a huge resource reward that is different depending on which planet you attack as well as be able to collect resources just as if it was one of your buildings.

Always build extra storage and upgrade your existing storage to get your resources stored for holding massive amount of resources.
Try to fight any battle against any other fleet of ships, and win to get Gold and Nimes Alloys.
Get a chance of winning up to 500 gold or up to 10 Nimes Alloys by playing the roulette game for resources as often as you can.

Get more Aluminum by using the Smelter, but upgrade your Command Post up to level 5 first.
Afterward go to the store menu and start building and upgrading Smelters.

Try to invade and conquer the Smelter planets on the main map that is like red melting planets in order to have a smelter for life that you can collect from.
You can try to buy gems with real money and get also free bonus Gems when you buy more of them.

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