Star Moon Cheats in Sleepwalker`s Journey on iPhone

In sleepwalker`s journey game, you must concentrate on completing a level successfully as there will be plenty of puzzles to solve and you must learn how to make a first pass successfully.

Sleepwalker`s Journey Cheats

Just use a very handy option to rewind time whenever you fall off the screen entirely if you make a mistake during the game

A gentle tap will lead you back to just before your mistake, however you can hold it down to rewind time even further.

Just click the rewind icon at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen if you know there is no chance of success

How to get a perfect score on a level in sleepwalker`s journey
Try to collect every single star on the stage.
Try to grab all three crescent moons, and these are usually tucked away in the trickiest of places.
Try to beat the level within the time limit set for each stage.

To avoid damage during the game, you either need to raise a platform, or angle a cutlass to provide a walking platform for him.

Besides try to draw a line between the light green hooks to create a tightrope as the surface to land on from a fall without taking damage.
Always turn a fan on with a tap of the screen first in which if the sleepwalker falls towards a fan, the breeze will protect him and keep him afloat.

In addition when the sleepwalker wanders into its stream, he will be lifted up vertically, so be sure you slide any obstructive platforms out of the way first.

Touch the fan again and the breeze will stop and cause him to fall. After reaching the maximum possible height, he will carry on walking in the same direction, so try to lay out the next platform piece for him.

Just solve the challenges in sleepwalker`s journey by breaking the level down into its component parts.
The key is just focus on the next two or three platform sections ahead and try not to worry about above and below platform areas that you can not reach yet.

Note that master the basics of a level first so that you can always make another attempt to try and grab every star and moon.

When you are at unicycle and passing by a sign with a walking symbol on it, you will be put back on your feet automatically

Try to bypassing that sign before it is too late if you really need the cycle to bounce towards a tricky moon pieces.
You can rewind time if you are not sure of what you will do.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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