How to Get The Treasure Swordigo on iPhone

In Swordigo Game, you to pass certain levels that you consider as difficult level.
On the first level you will find this on the way to meet your master.
You will find it right above the sign that telling you to hold the jump button

The Treasure Swordigo

After you enter Cairnwood Forest and bring about the order to find your master, you will come across a bridge.
You will have to jump to a ledge above you so that you will go back to the Cairnwood village.
Along this path you will find dusty hut where the treasure lays there

You need to enter from the left and just go straight ahead and you will find a wall of four jars.
The first treasure is behind the wall of four jars

The second treasure is in a cave.
To get there you will need to drop from the upper path and go left.
Drop down once more and find the entrance to the cave.

The next step, you need to take the upper path and go into the cave just before the exit.
The thing will be right above your new platform

To find the next treasure you need to activate the raft and enter the tower on the other side.
The treasure is on the top of the tower

You will find the treasure after you jump down and find the stairs, it will be on your left.
You have to see it while you are running up the stairs

You will find a portal.
Next, you need to jump down right on in front of the turtle shooting fireballs.
Just keep going and you will find the treasure.
5b. Use the box to jump up and then turn left.

To find the next treasure you will meet with the angry red flower that protect it.
Use the second spell, the bomb

After using the spell you will have to take the flower path and enter the caves.
You will soon be able to drop down and find another explode able wall.
Behind the wall is the Boss and the treasure

On this step you need to go down behind the first two moving spike traps
You will find a shaft in front of another gate.
To activate the elevator you need going down and the elevator will take you the top of the shaft and the treasure
You will see another platform that will take you upward between spikes.
To find the last treasure you will need to go right and avoid the swinging axe

Take the left portal and then take the upper path.
There is a turtle shooting spikes.
Go to its left and there some platform above the ruins.
Push the second platform that look like a block and you will find the treasure

Go right after the portal mentioned previous and keep going on the path until you find the path going upward.
You will find two breakable wall and the treasure is behind the wall.

For the next step you need to jump to the other side
You need go down the hole.
There is a box that will help you to climb up to the treasure after you take it left first.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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