Coins Power Ups in Fun Run Cheats on iPhone

In fun run game, you will race against three other players, and each player will be vying to get in the first place to receive coins and bragging rights.

fun run walkthrough ipad

During racing there will be a ton of items that you can collect so that you can use them to slow down the other racers, in that it will make you finish stronger.

In order to get more coins in fun run game, just do the following instructions
Try to place as high as possible in each of the races that you play.
If you finish fourth place, you only get one coin.
If you finish third, you will get three coins.
If you finish in second place, you will receive 6-8 coins.

So you have to finish in the first place to get more than 60 coins as a bonus reward and the more you place at first the more coins you will receive.
In addition you have to try harder to get more coins to buy new characters, clothing and various accessories and clothing for your character, or other items needed in the race.

All you have to do is to start more races and win more races.
The more you finish in first place or second place if you are at a lower rank at the moment, the more your rank will increase after each race.
So just practice racing first to get you placed in the first place.

In this game you can only hold up to one power up at one time and after hitting another question box, your power up will be overtaken by another power up.
So it will better to use it when you get yourself as much of an advantage as possible.

As a simulation if you see a block that another players has dropped, you have to try so hard to avoid it by jumping over it.
However if you hit it and you will not hit it again the second time that you run into the same block then you will just run right through it later on.

You have to be sure to jump at each cliff or jump that you come across.
Just jump early to have a chance of clearing the jump before you even see it so that you will end up moving through the stage much more quickly than the random competition.
You have to try harder to jump over a buzzsaw blade and avoid it.

Note to stay alert of sending out a blade of your own on it and to make sure it does not bounce off of a wall or a cliff and come back towards you. If it does, you will get ready and do your best jump over it.

By doing so the other players are literally impossible to avoid them, and they can be especially frustrating if they are placed towards the top half of the face of the cliff.

Note that the orange surfaces are sticky, and they will pull you in.
The pink surfaces are bouncy.
And if you crash into a lollipop, you will bounce off of it as if it were a block.
So you have to keep in mind when playing these candy land stages in fun run game

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