Gold Coins Cheats in The Sims Free Play iPhone

Tips to get a lot of 10,000 coins in the sims freeplay ios android
Be sure the automatic time setting on your phone device is off then go to date and settings
Try to change your date a very low year like 1969 or something old year than that

Coins in The Sims Free Play

Change random time whatever you like
Now go to menu then double click the menu button
Find and click the sims freeplay
Now you should have 10 thousand coins and remember the lower date you set the more money you will get

Tips to get more money cash tricks in this game
In order to get more money just gather all your sims in the same house
Buy and get gardening patches for all the sims
Let the sims plant beans or vegetables
Now click home button then go to settings
Got to general and click time and date then change the date to JULY 1 1985
Double click the home button again
See the bottom of the screen there will be something coming up to show this game but if you do not see it just go to the next page
Hold on to the sims freeplay game
Click the red minus
Just wait for the game to load
Go to your sims house or to the town or somewhere else

Go back to settings again to set the date and time Automatically to normal date now
Go to sims game and you should have a lot of money within one minute
Just repeat that actions to get infinity cash money

Tips to unlock items for free and to get free cash to shop on store in this game
Tap the “shop” button that is purple button with the trolley on it
While this process loading Connecting to the store press the square button on your ipod or iphone to go on homepage screen
Now just wait for ten second on home screen
Try to reload your game while waiting for the shop screen still loading.
Try to cancel this process by pressing the red button and re-enter with the purple button
Try to shop on that store you should get items for free

Strategy to finish buildings in a new land in this game
Find a little space between the stadium, town hall, and mini row of houses
There will be a new building with an update, like the salon.
Remember a new building looks like the perfect land for something.
Now you should have finished all buildings and have three residential lots to go

Guides to complete the goal in this game
Make two sims eat a meal at the same time
Make sure you have a table and two chairs
Pick the option “meal”
When clicking on the refrigerator, wait a few seconds
Now press “meal” on the refrigerator with two sims to get the goal completed.

Hints to complete the goal mission in this game
Find the 2 star rated stereo in the electronics tab of the home store.
If you want to get school just make sure that all of the buildings are built, and you have 4 toddlers then you can buy it
Try having three good quality living room chairs in one place to get 3 sims contemplated together

In order to complete a goal make sure to have one sim watching tv and all sims family at the same house.
Then tap the tv again.
Then you will see the words “join in” tap and repeat until all sims are watching tv.

In order to get more energy just get the sims take a car nap on any bed or on a couch.
Meanwhile you can have them make a double of coffee and you need 5 lp then tap the cupcake to give them more energy refill

In order to get a pair married sims slept in the same double bed make sure not set the either side of the bed against a wall so they can both get into it.
Afterward click the bed and put the girl to sleep then do the same for her husband

A birthday cake item from the grocery store will go to oven.
In order to do so buy the ingredients at the store then to bake it in the oven.
Now you will see a little inventory sign when you are at the stove and are scrolling through what you can bake such as making the birthday cake

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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