How to Earn Money Credit on Contract Killer iPhone

Contract Killer is the best a shooting solid game play on ios and android platforms where you will have to meet their contacts and accept all secret missions while crossing the world of bounty mobsters, criminals and hunters in this game play.

contract killer guides

After one mission completes the player will receive the next target from contacts that are laid out on a large city map.
Besides there are 20 distinct weapons of choice from an inventory of assault rifles, machine guns and rifles to arm the players in shooting their target.

There are also 17 Story Missions and endless Random Missions to earn XP and cash along with action.
Bring the Tranquilizer Gun in play to capture your target or put them down.

How to Get Credit on Every Mission
Make sure to go on the roof and find the best position in aiming at the target
Choose sniper rifle, place your target, zoom in it, take its aim and shoot the target to get more money for adding the credit and go for headshot to gain cold hard cash

Stay alert for your mission and leap in one of many vantage points across 5 gritty 3D locations
The more shooting on head target the more money for credit you will get to complete every mission

Watch out enemy shoot always focus on rifle pointer where the enemy1s shot is from.
It is usually signed with the yellow arrow within visible pointer when you locate the target

Always reload and hide yourself to increase your life during shot battle with your enemies
Focus on the chosen target that the contact has given on large city map as this will increase huge credit point on your mission so get fast as you can to find and shoot the chosen target

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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