Giant Gold Cash Cheats CKZ 2 Origins on iPhone

In contract killer zombie 2 origin game, you must try accomplish every given mission to get more free gold and cash
Here, you play as a killer trying to accomplish missions by your own or to help people accomplish missions


Moreover you will have hard duties of rescuing civilians, finding provisions and making a clear of escape routes to open new locations.
By doing all duties above you will collect money gold cash as a reward

However you can use the Tapjoy offer wall to get free gold used to buy more weapons and ammo.
On the other side while helping some people during completing your missions you will just jump on the monorail station

Use a variety of deadly guns, grenades and melee weapons to eliminate zombies
Try collecting some items such as Shotguns, Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Grenades, Axes, Chainsaws, Health Packs and many more

When the zombies start to come in greater numbers, you need to start thinking strategy to beat them without using any grenades.
So try to do the old Call of Duty Zombies trick and run backwards, in that it will let the zombies come after you and group up, then shoot at the entire group of them.
Use the shotgun to fire them all but fire the one coming first then the others coming after

You can do this trick when a special zombie boss appears too, especially if they are a fast one.
Use melee weapons as hand to hand combat weapons in which it will be much powerful to shoot any of them
In addition it can be used at high speed compared to most other guns when you strike a group of zombies in one time.

You have to upgrade your weapons collection by buying them with gold earned from completing story missions and other tougher missions
During completing some missions you can search and find any of the good weapons on the meager mission winnings. But it will take much time and patience as you have to beat any zombies while searching any other items needed for the other missions

The game will start in auto firing mode instead of manual fire mode so you can go to the Settings page and change “Manual Fire” to on to use your weapon and shoot it at manual fire mode.
Therefore you can save much ammmo and also your money as well because controlling the ammo coming out of the gun

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