Global Food Fight for Coins Cheats on iPhone

In global food fight game, you will merely hit targets from close and long range distance to earn coins boosts and reward
Here, the target you choose will determine what the rewards you will get

global food fight tips

Because of this, try to choose a target that is far away in order to get better rewards and coins.
Furthermore, you will be prompted to collect as many coins as possible
In line with this, you have to avoid, in the first place, the kites then collect as many points as possible and the power-up at the end of each stage.

However, if you shoot the kite, you will be taken to phase two directly and lose the chance of gathering some extra points and coins.
Therefore, try to fly at the top or at the very bottom in order to avoid kites so that you will have enough time to get the required height and collect the coins as well.

Meanwhile, when hitting the target, you will not only have to guide your piece of food between or through the obstacles, but you must do it correctly while avoiding projectiles shot feedback and try not to get in front of the target as there is no way to slow down or hit them.

As making progresses through the game, you will get a bunch of coins where you can spend on increasing your defenses in your yard and making it impossible for other players to hit you with the food.

In order to prepare your defense, just tap the shield icon in the game screen and tap the “More boards” icon to purchase more then always try to arrange them in a good way to have a clear line of sight on your action along the game.
Moreover, if you meet more obstacles, it will be better in which always invest in the most expensive boards to make it run smoothly.

After preparing your defense and board, you can try testing your board and see how good your defenses are and how easy it is to get hit.
So if you can not get through your defense, the other player will not get through as well

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