Diamonds Orbs Cheats Godsrule War of Mortals for iPhone

In godsrule war of mortals game, a standard simulation-style city building game, you can get some more resources including gems apples and more items to build your city

godsrule war of mortals tips

This comes two portions that are the tale of two warring factions in the Keepers of the Ancient and the Souls of Ascension.
By having these resources, you can use them to train your units to go in to battle for the other half of the game.

And you can also sign up for either a red or blue faction, and wage real-time strategy battles with your units fight against a player from the other faction in real-time while trying to capture a rune at the center of the arena.

Moreover, you will train your own army and lead it into fierce battles over contested territories and collect scarce resources, expand your land, and slay enemies with powerful units and magnificent spells
In addition, in order to get the upper-hand on your adversaries, your troops must be enlisted and a thriving civilization must exist.

You will be allowed to summon so many units at a time without temporarily increasing your summoning capacity by getting a unit to stand on tiles that increase the limit.

Thus, by having a bigger army than the opponent in battle, you can win the battle and get control of the various islands back to the player’s faction, with resource rewards for winning battles and controlling islands with every occasional time milestone.

Remember that the enemy will have summoned forth their maximum number of units, making it nigh-impossible to try and capture the rune at the center because they can just overwhelm someone entering mid-game.
In fact, the rune can be taken in 90 seconds or less depending on how you focus on this circumstance.

Your village consists of a tiny pocket of land on which temples, barracks, vaults, farms, and other predictable facilities.
In order to get more space, you have to clear away wooded areas on the grid so that the farm produces fruit in real-time, warriors are created in the barracks and more.

On the other side, the advanced constructs require a more prolonged period of time to build, which will need orbs to do so.
Therefore, you will do an upgrading of your structures because there can be a waiting period of a day or two, on occasion.

On the combat zone, you have to defeat the enemies by capturing a goal that rests somewhere on the map. By winning each battle, you will earn some resources and rewards that you will need to construct buildings in your given land.
When being in the village section, you will be taught how to build better architecture for your village based on your style.

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