Gold Bullets Cheats Tons of Guns iPhone

Tons of Guns is a kind of FPS with tons of unique guns and fast-paced shooting where you will shoot any enemies chasing you and attempting to kill you then get gold cash every time shooting enemies in the mission.

tons of guns tips

Meanwhile, you will play as a gun nut out to collect his variety of weapons from the various thugs and criminals who stole his weapons from him.
For such reason, you have to grab their guns and cash to take over to the next level and to unlock more powerful weapons.

During shooting the enemies, hitting target and reloading bullet are two crucial factors in this fast-paced shooter.
In addition if you kill your opponent before he pumps you full of lead, you will get some cash

Therefore, you can do some upgrades for your guns and collectible items with that cash, and get to move on to the next level.
In the beginning of the game, you will start with a pistol and you will also be toting a double-barrelled shotgun or a quick-firing machine gun in the guns battle.

Then all you have to do is just to tilt your phone screen to aim the gun an tap anywhere on the screen to fire moving enemies
You simply tilt your iOS device down to wit then follow a series of on-screen commands in order to fill your weapon full of ammo again.

Again you will just tilt on the screen to reload the ammo and swipe actions to take out ammo clip then cock back the trigger to deliver bullets to incoming enemies.

On the other side, the “kick back” goes match the weapon you using so that you will have to try to take the machine gun to have great fire rate to do short busts on incoming target on the gun battle zone.

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