Gold Cash Cheats for Enemy Strike on iPhone

In enemy strike game, you will have to gather up more gold, the main currency of this game to purchase some upgrades
You can get cash and gold in each mission.

enemy strike walkthrough

If you want to earn these currencies, you can just click Like Enemy Strike on Facebook to earn $10,000 in form or fund cash.
By doing so you can buy health packs, ton of armor, helmet and different boosts from the Store with those golds and cash you have earned through some missions.

With enough gold you have collected you can purchase unlimited ammo for the weapon like the ATK9 Submachine Gun.
And you can always buy ammo during play, as long as you have more cash of funds.

Afterward repair your equipment for upgrades like infinite ammo and instant reload in which the most useful of these items take away from your artificially limited gold supply before heading into a mission.

There will be 15 automatic upgradeable weapons such as shotguns, rail guns, energy-based rifles and Killer Bean as an air strikes into the mix, along with bonus goodies that increase damage and win money cash per round.

You will level up as you play, in which it will allow you to purchase new weapons, armor, and tech gear equipment.
These new equipments will be needed to the later levels because the difficulty skyrockets shortly after the beginning missions

Because of completing missions, you will collect xp and unlock new weapons with gold reward.
Therefore you can level up fast with such new weapon and equipment as well

In the combat field, you will use one of your three medical kits to regain your health while using a virtual pad on the left side of your screen and a virtual trigger on the right side to blast alien coming from any directions.

One thing you have to notice is that you must take cover, while reloading the ammo as it will save more health that way.
Make sure to keep your secondary weapon fully loaded at all times so that you can quickly switch to it while under heavy fire.

After spotting a sniper in the distance, just press the crouch button for cover then press the zoom button for headshot attempts.
Once shooting the sniper, a heavy tank will come lumbering in your general direction.

Using sniper rifle will also save your ammo as you kill one with a single bullet to the head, instead of spraying his location with a machine gun.
Also try aiming down a weapon’s sights in order to kill aliens easily.

Always monitor your current health, helmet and armor levels to see where you stand during in the combat zone.
If the enemies come a lot and your ammo nearly runs out, just press the air-strike button to make a call for an airstrike that will wipe out enemies at one time.

You will have a combat through five environments and a handful of objectives that involve taking out snipers, destroying tanks, preventing aliens from breaching your defenses.

Levels consists of the same five mission types of game play modes
Eliminate mission will be just the standard level to shoot the enemies all
Defend type will keep alien solders from getting past your position
And Target Snipers will give you a look to take out rooftop snipers while being assaulted by various alien forces

Survive is the situation where you have to hold out until your bombers arrive from air squad
In Boss Attack you can take out various bosses ranging from well-armored generals to artillery before they bring an end to your campaign.
So learn the game first to increase your skills and to lead you into your victory

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