Gold Cheats in Battle Dungeon Risen iOS

In battle dungeon risen game, you are assigned to get more gold coins by completing some quests and missions
Completing a level of the first three quests will get you a 1-3 star rating and earn bonus reward including gold as the currency of this game

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So train and equip 3 classes namely warriors, archers and clerics then send them forth to beat your enemies across multiple dungeons.
Get your victory in each combat to collect valuable experience and powerful items that will help you in future battles.
After gathering enough gold you can upgrade the items of your team to increase skills and ability so that it will make them more ready to fight against any enemies in the battlefield

In addition each mission in this game will offer a 3 star challenge rating and implemented in Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
An every mission will be different based on how you structure your party

Meanwhile you will have the opportunity to score more by deploying fewer or less advanced soldiers.
Try to find the absolute perfect party to take down each mission in order to get on top of the leaderboard and earn more gold.

Go for a fight against multiple types of foe in epic battles through 12 exciting and challenging scenarios featuring in AI code equipped with new maps, new enemies in a skeleton and some snazzy new lighting effects

You can make combinations of many characters then make an experiment with a ton of different skills and items in order to get your party customized and added their hit points in the battle.

You can then go for a party with just a team of six people including 2 warriors, 2 mages and 2 bows.
Moreover there will be characters that use throwing knives to attack the enemies in the party

In addition doing an experiment with playing through with several different classes and participate in massive battles will increase your soldiers skills with experience earned from battles while collecting an array of items as well.
You can also hire up to 30 soldiers to be ready for any challenge.

This game will allow you to design custom parties that match your style of play while improving your soldiers with over a hundred items.
On the other side you can customize your force that is chosen from a pool of 30 characters amongst 3 classes and in 9 subclasses, with varying combinations of 18 unique abilities.

On the other word You can customize your team however you see fit between various classes and equipment then decide what party composition to use by using fewer members offers more reward.

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