Gold Cheats in Knights of Pen & Paper 2 iPhone

Knights Of Pen & Paper 2 from Paradox Interactive is a streamlined turn-based RPG where you can play various odd characters who are playing an in-game RPG.

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Here,you travel to a location, pick up a quest that always involves killing a certain number of things, you travel to another location, fight the things in turn-based battles, go back to collect the reward and buy new stuff.

On the other side, you can make two characters for your starting party, and pick a job and stereotype as in the first game, then choose a fantasy race.

Here, coins are useful to unlock certain job classes or stereotypes, and everything from traveling, resurrecting, and even searching areas.
Early on this game, your coin earnings scale up pretty quickly.
You need more than enough coins to unlock whatever you want by the later part of the game.

Later on, you will go to the battles where you can select the number of opponents you are comfortable facing, earn level ups that allow you to sink points into one of four skills, and watch those lovely percentages on each location begin their climb to 100 percent.

When battling with enemies, certain locations have special effects that might apply to battles fought there.
As an illustration, battling in a town might have a random chance of a thief joining the tussle at the beginning of a round
And, fighting in a hot place might give your characters a burn effect.

Also, you can look around in most locations, which costs you coins.
When going to battle with enemies, the cleric and the hunter are particularly overpowered, with clerics able to heal the whole party, remove status effects, and restore huge chunks of mana all in one action, and hunters able to rain death on the entire enemy party as long as their mana holds out.

So, just go to exploring each area then go battling with enemies to collect gold coins that you will need to increase your heroes stats in this game

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