Gold Cheats in Modern Islands Defense iPhone

Modern Islands Defense Jungles made by stereo7games can be said as a tower defense with great units and characters that is to describe the modern battles where you and your units will be assigned to defend your islands against evil invaders in the jungles

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In the tour of your duty, you will have your own team consisting of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers, etc.
As being a solid team, you will go deep in the modern conflict evil invaders in tropical islands, mountains and deserts where you will have to protect your freedom and liberty through some areas.

Throughout the game, all you will do is to command your modern iron troops and find the best islands total defense strategy to be number one in the awesome tower defense game with awesome battles performance across 12 islands defense levels in tropics and jungles

Later on, you will go for an epic islands defense battles accompanied by your loyal soldiers, tanks and guns.
You will then go through 3 islands with unique levels while carrying 6 unique gun to shoot unique enemies from infantry to aviation

During the battle, you will have to shoot any standing enemy to get some resources, gold, fuel or gasoline and gear that will be useful for your units
Gold here is to be the premium currency of this game that you can use to purchase some needed items for your units
Once collecting enough gold by defeating more enemies in the battlefield, you must upgrade your units in laboratory with that gold you have collected through some levels in this game

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