Gold Coins Energy Cheats Little Dragons iPhone

In order to get free cash and tickets in little dragons game, you can follow these steps
Go to the store menu.
Go to in the store.

little dragons tips

During in the store, a banner Earn or number Tickets download with insert app name here, with the name of the app will pop up across the bottom of the screen.
Tap on the banner to lead to the app store.
Now tap install on the app.
After doing so go back to the game to receive your free cash.

If your free cash will not come up just wait for the app to finish downloading.
Then, tap on the app icon to open the app.
Now, go back and run the game to get free cash popping up to collect.

After getting the free cash, you can delete the downloaded app.
Just do this trick with every single app popping up on the banner on the bottom of the screen, so all you have to do is just download, run and delete all the apps in order to load up on the free cash.

You will also be paid double for every app that you download and run.
So download as many apps as absolutely possible until the trick goes away.

Go to time and setting of your phone then set date and time settings to a different time an hour or so as it will make the double cash glitch come up, so do it to double your free cash.

To get free gold coins in this game, just follow these instructions
Go to the time and setting in your phone device
Set the time ahead by an hour or more
Go back to the game
Set the time and date back as usual as normal
Go back playing the game, and the dragon habitats will still be filled up
Now get a lot of coins from those dragon habitats
Always do that tricks if you want to get a ton of free coins daily

To finish quests through the Viking Agency quickly in this game, you can follow these steps
Go to the time and setting on your phone device
Set the time ahead by one day or more
Go back to the game you will see that the quest which they went on will be accomplished right away
Just tap on the Viking Agency to get the quests
Now set the time back to normal
Try to start another quest
Do the same thing to get every quest completed in due time
Try to do that trick to give you a ton of experience points

In order to get energy refill fast in this game, read these statements
Purchase the maximum amount of energy wells for your experience level.
Set every single one of the energy wells to the longest energy purchase with portions half an hour for the small well, and several hours for the big well.

Set the time next to half an hour or more then collect all of them.
Then set the time back to normal to get your energy revived
You can start that trick over and over again as long as you have enough coins to do so.

To get xp experience points in this game, you can apply these steps
Just use the energy you have just got to feed your dragons over and over again to earn experience points.
And use those coins that you earned to buy expensive items, such as expansions, or to clear off massive amount of rocks, pines, big pines and rock moss
Then set the time to an hour ahead or so
Go back to the game
Now you can collect the experience points
Repeat those tips as you have coins to make it happen fast

Just follow these steps to crossbreed dragons in this game
Try to get a high enough experience level at level 6 first to unlock the crossbreeding building.
Purchase the crossbreeding building then place it somewhere on your island.

Just remember that two different dragons are leveled up to at least level 5 by feeding them Energy from the Energy Well.
It is caused by your dragons have to be level 5 or higher in order to breed.

When their time breeding is done, put the egg that they make in the nursery.
Tap the egg when it has been ready to hatch and you need the specific habitat in order to place it on your island.

Purchase the required habitat, and place it on the island, then put your newly hatched dragon in it.
Keep breeding your crossbreed dragons together to discover all kinds of new dragons.

Try to raise these new dragons up to level 5, breed them over and over again in order to have all sorts of weird and wonderful dragons.
Always use your phone time trick to set the time ahead in order to breed or hatch them quickly.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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