Where to Get More Gold Coins Guncrafter iPhone

In guncrafter game, you must collect unlimited money coins cash by using the free gift basket that pops up there.
With enough coins, you can have a better guns

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Meanwhile if you win in each round, you earn five coins but if you lose, you only earn one coin both in the player vs player mode and in the practice mode.

If you shoot one of the gift boxes and disintegrate it, you will earn four free coins.
So you will get the higher up in the stages in order to have more gift boxes in the stage.
Keep focusing on shooting when you are in a stage with a lot of gift boxes before you try to win the round as they will generate you a bunch of coins.

Always save up for the steel gun parts, because they are far more powerful and reload quicker
After having them, it will be easy to break the gift boxes and to break boxes in general so that you can earn more coins.
In addition, in order to gain experience points, you can play in the practice mode of this game.

You craft your very own gun in Minecraft style, then shoot it in various different firing ranges while completing the goal that is to fire and knock off as many blocks as possible than your opponent does to win the round.

On the other word, you have to build your own gun out of Minecraft-style blocks, and then use it to shoot up various Minecraft-style structures and landscapes as quickly as possible before time runs out.

In the beginning of the game, you will be armed with mediocre guns to build much better guns as the game goes on.
Start with mediocre stages will be as the preliminary stage in which you have to increase your rank to unlock better stages.

Either playing the standard mode against real life opponents, or in the practice mode will increase your experience points if you win that competition.
The PvP mode will give you a chance to have more experience per round so try to rank up enough times to unlock new stages.

An amount of experience points will come to you whether you play an easy stage or a hard stage when you are in the PvP mode, so play the easiest stages that you can rank up faster.

If you have less skill and lesser guns, you can play the early stages, so play them for some easy wins. And you need to improve your guns in order to be able to get easy wins in later stages of this game.

In order to improve your guns, you will firstly rack up coins to buy an upgrade.
Just open up the second gun slot and simply delete the first gun that you build once you get to 50 or 150 coins in that it will save you more coins.

Afterward, start building another gun, but upgrade your materials.
In this step, you have to get steel as the upgrade, while plastic is also a good upgrade but it is useless since steel is so affordable to purchase.

You can purchase the bigger grid in order to carry more ammo at a time as the amount of ammo that you can carry corresponds to the size of the grid that you have.

Do an experiment with the construction of your gun like changing the position of the pistol grip and the trigger, and adding a simulated magazine.
Furthermore, you can add more weight to the barrel to offset the kickback that you get from the gun when you fire it.
So simply try something different to have a better position when shooting your guns

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