Gold Coins Cheats in Smile Plants on iPhone

In smile plants game, you will have to try completing each goal to earn some coins for free
Here, you must grow various pots of plants to collect more stars so that you can unlock the mutant plants and other bonuses

smile plants guides

Then just build up your plant collection to increase your amount of stars as high as you can.
Once getting enough coins, you can buy some flower pots to increase your plants and to get them growth and happy

Extra time to complete each stage is based on the plants that you can grow in the Basic section.
Simply grow the basic seeds into flowers, then buy all of the flower pots with coins so that you will get the time bonuses.

Without these, the tougher seeds in the basic ones will be difficult to get stars on.
You can also play the flower pots on the special rounds to refill your coins, and to clear as many of the coins as you can on the game board.

With this currency you can collect over 30 different plants and customize them to grow as you want
New pieces falling onto the screen will cause extra combos on top of the ones you match
For such reasons It will make it very easy to fill the green meter and to grow your plant.

After growing your plant you can tap it then buy the flower pot with coins to provide you with some bonuses including extra coins, extra time to complete each stage, or other goodies.

You can play this game online with your friends through facebook
In the competition you and your friends will have to play interactive match 3 puzzles

To solve these puzzles, you can water, sing, play, feed, and give sunlight to your plants by matching 3 of the same kind.
By doing so your plants grow as they mature from cute, little seeds to full, smiling plants.

During the competition, you can visit their gardens through Facebook while showing your garden then compete with them to see who will grow the longest beanstalk

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