How to Collect Gold Coins in Warhammer Quest on iPhone

In warhammer quest game, you must get your victory in each battle so that you will get an randomized loot and items for rewards
With these items, you can equip what you want or run back to town and sell those items in the market for money cash.

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Meanwhile, you can recruit heroes in Towns to help you clear dungeons and visit more and more towns then side quests become available.
In the beginning of the game, you will be charged with retrieving a magical lute for a stranger in town. Once getting it, you will have an option either to give it back to him or otherwise.

If you give it to him, he will stun you with the lute and take some of your gold.
But if you do not give it to him, he ends up revealing himself as some sort of great thief, kidnaps a baron’s daughter, and takes her to a dungeon.

For such reason, you will have to complete that quest to save her and getting reward because of doing so.
In order to get some cash, you can sell unnecessary items in the market to be exchanged with some gold

You will be as a commander that is assigned to lead your group of brave adventurers through the perilous dungeons of the Warhammer World for having wealth and glory

Along the way of your journey, you will meet and defeat Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and more ferocious enemies then collect loot weapons, armor and mysterious artifacts from them.
Therefore, you can level up your party of heroes to become more powerful ones.
Once making some progresses, you must upgrade your squad of heroes, and equip them with weapons, armor and mysterious artifacts dropped by enemies.

In addition, you can unlock new additional Heroes available via IAP namely La Amenaza Oculta, Trollslayer, Erzmagier and Warrior Priest then lead them to fight against the Skaven in a huge expansion via IAP

Together with your units, you will set in a world bursting with crypts, wizards, orcs, spiders, and at least one magical lute
Meanwhile, Quest will be something to be accomplished to earn fame and fortune by plumbing the depths of the nastiest, monster-filled places in a cold, unforgiving fantasy land.

So you will take a control of a couple of axe-wielding bruisers, as well as an archer and mage to attack multiple times on a turn.
The archer can attack once at range and once more if there is anything near her.
A ton of potions and tonics will also be available in the game and some buff your characters, others restore health or add ability points temporarily.
Dungeons will consist of a series of super small rooms that you have to fight and use some of their allotment of actions.

Note that the more time you spend in a dungeon, the more likely it is that those dungeons will keep you moving into the fog.
Thus take your units into actions and seek for the enemies in every room to be defeated for having more loot and valuable items in this game then have your victory

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